Dear Friends, Supporters, and Durham Community

I am excited to announce my intentions to seek reelection to the District 1 Seat on the Durham County Board of Education.

In the coming election, I ask you to consider my consistent, proven, and compassionate leadership for Durham Public Schools (DPS). I ask for your vote as I look to keep the ship steady during the transitions in our new administration. Durham Public Schools not only needs leadership, but PROVEN leadership to continue this march forward.

I am Mike Lee, a proud DPS parent and candidate for the District 1 seat on the Durham Public Schools Board of Education. I humbly ask for your support for reelection in May.

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Priorities For Durham Public Schools

In the coming term, my priorities with the community will be:

  • The creation of a formal equity calculator to balance the needs of our schools
  • Equitable distribution of resources (financial and physical) throughout our district by instituting a true equity calculator to be used district-wide
  • Increasing DPS’s capacity for universal pre-K
  • Finalizing the universal free lunch program
  • Increased visibility and marketing for our district
  • Update our district’s systems to modern technology and automation
  • Better program monitoring and measurement
  • Implement more programs to reduce the cost of living for teachers and staff in our district

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